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Godify is a comprehensive Christian content streaming service application that is poised to extend its reach to Roku and a wide array of smart television platforms in the year 2024. Currently accessible in the iOS and Android application stores across nearly every nation, Godify offers a diverse range of content, including podcasts, music, sermons, and various other faith-related offerings. The eagerly anticipated release of Godify 2.0 is scheduled for December 2023.



Scorify serves as a comprehensive hub for synchronization opportunities, catering to both producers seeking to license their musical compositions for video games, television, and streaming services, as well as content creators, music directors, and score providers in search of licensed background music.

Zebra Crossing


Motion is a distinguished Public Relations Firm headquartered in the vibrant metropolis of New York City, with a core specialization in establishing strategic connections between brands and the substantial consumer spending capacity and unwavering brand allegiance inherent in Hip Hop Culture.

Record Song In Studio

The Ghostwriting Academy

The Ghostwriting Academy is an online master class that teaches about the ins and outs of ghostwriting and also offers ghostwriting opportunities to the students. 

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